Eleven-Ten is harmony heavy indie-rock from north-west New Jersey

The Line-Up

Mari Hubley
(aka Maribyrd)- vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass
Kathy Hubley - vocals, drumkit and moo-moo kazoo
Peggy Travers (formerly Hubley) - vocals, percussion, bass, acoustic guitar
Ken Travers - vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitar
we have a rotating line-up of guests on guitar, sometimes fiddle, mandolin, keys...making each performance one of a kind.

The History of The Band

Fronted by Mari Hubley, a singer/songwriter from Denville, NJ, Maribyrd was the 1st
"official band name'. The four original members were Mari, Joe Mollitor(bass),
Ryan Headley(mandolin), and Scott Brown(percussion). Mari and Joe started playing and
writing music together in high school in the early 90's. Ryan met Mari during open mic
at The Lockwood Tavern one fateful evening in 2000...it was love at 1st note. ;)
Scott, a former bandmate and long-time friend of Ryan's, tied it all together with his funky percussion.

Over the years the line-up of the band kept changing, as did the name.
Eleven-Ten was adopted in about 2001, inspired 1110 Beach Ave, a house on LBI that
Mari's family had rented in the past. The 1st line-up under the new name included John Christie
on the drums, and Erik Brescher on the bass.

In the current line-up, there are 4 vocalists...sisters Mari, Kathy and Peggy,
and Peg's husband Ken. The harmonies are unmistakable.

Mari's voice has been compared to singers Sarah MacLaughlin, Joni Mitchell,
and Eva Cassidy. Her writing influences include Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians,
Paul Simon, Indigo Girls, Beatles, Led Zep, Sarah McLaughlin, Tori Amos, STP, The Dead,
John Denver, Pearl Jam, The Cure, Joni Mitchell, Black Crowes, Alice in chains, Elliot Smith,
JT, Carol King, Nickel Creek, The Radio Galaxy, Joe McKee, to name a few.

Joe's Basement...Maribyrd's debut album, was recorded in 2 barns, a gunshack,
and a doctor's office. It is available by e-mailing Mari@eleven-ten.com,or by coming to a show.
The 14 song album is chock full of some of the greatest talent in North Jersey, recorded by Alan
"Jax" Bowers who also played the drumkit, fiddle by Timmy Carbone-courtesy of Sugar Hill Records,
bass monster Chris Farrelley, Pete Marceau of Hero Pattern, Ronnie Grana of Straight Dope Cherry,
all 3 of Maribyrd's sisters singing harmonies and of course Uncle Bob from Seattle on the keyboard.

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